Club Fees & Participation Guidelines

Celtic Financial Obligations 2017 Season

  • U11-U19 $1000 Celtic Fees ($500 due at May registration, $500 due by Sept. 1)
  • U9-U10 $800 Celtic Fees ($500 due at May registration, $300 due by Sept. 1)
  • $450 Coast Soccer League Fees – Payable to Celtic at May registration.
  • $200 New Team Coast Soccer League Bond Fee – Payable to Celtic at May registration
  • $50 Returning Team Coast Soccer League Bond Fee – Payable to Celtic at May registration
  • $100 – Check payable to Barbara Pachon – for registrar duties
  • Premier Fees are covered by Celtic for teams with a minimum of 3 years in Celtic. Cost is based on CSL pricing. 

PLAYER COST: Note these are NOT included in the above cost and occur for EACH player registered.

  • $50 Per Player Registration for annual player card. (*Fall Registration Only, otherwise, $30. Voted change at January Board Meeting. Extra portion goes to cover President time and cost for field monitoring and related meetings)
  • $0 for Coaches cards – these are free per Cal South

Uniforms – Each team is required to wear Celtic uniforms from the club’s authorized dealer. Currently, we are contracted with only one uniform manufacturer – Xara. All newly purchased uniforms must be purchased through the club’s Uniform Coordinator and purchased from Xara. Teams with official Celtic FC, Nike uniforms or Score, which were purchased prior to our contract with Xara, are grandfathered in. Xara also produces other Celtic outerwear gear.

Celtic provides brand new green/white uniforms, free of charge, to all new U/7, U/8 & U/9 teams. 
Celtic provides 44 custom goals with nets for practices at multiple facilities. Sites in Ontario and Upland rotate during the year.
Chaffey High School, 555 W. 5th St. Ontario-home field for all CSL games.

NOTE: Loaner uniforms are available for check out from the Uniform Coordinator.

Coaching Attire – Each coach, while representing Celtic at official matches, is expected to wear a shirt with Celtic related wording, patch or colors displayed. Bottom line, coaches should look like they are with Celtic. Aztlan Gallery and Xara both have a surplus of Celtic gear.

Coaches - Coaches are only allowed to coach a maximum of 2 teams. This is ensure that each team gets fair attention for training and games. Certain coaches appointed by the President shall be allowed to coach more than 2 teams.

Player Attire - Aztlan Gallery is our official provider of t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. They are located in the Montclair Plaza, 2nd floor. NOTE: the only approved club tshirts are Black, Green and White. Samples available for viewing on the website

Meeting attendance requirement – Each team is required to have a representative at the monthly club meeting. In the event of an emergency or conflict, teams must make prior arrangements to have someone at the meeting act on their behalf. 

Registration process – Each team is required to provide the registrar with the required documents (payment, pictures, signed documents and proof of birth) in a timely manner. Original or certified proof of birth is required at initial registration. Copies are accepted for subsequent registration.. The expectation is to have the required documents to the registrar by Wednesday, in order to have cards for the weekend. 

Game field duties – Each team, during the Fall Season, will be assigned to field duties, several times during the season. This will either require attendance and help setting up the fields on Friday afternoon or taking down and cleaning the fields on Sunday. 

Practice field arrangements – Each team is required to arrange their practice schedule with the Vice President in charge of fields. Currently approved practice fields include Pioneer Jr. High, Upland Jr. High, Wiltsey Middle School and Oaks Middle School. Teams that practice at another site are required to get an insurance policy issued for that site. This is to be arranged through the Vice President or other Celtic Board Member responsible for Insurance. Rotating from “preferred” spots, with regards to lighting or goals, is expected. Each team is expected to be treated with equal respect and to work with the other Celtic teams, not create territorial battles. 

Celtic Cup duties – Each team will be required to provide 2 volunteers for a ½ day shift at both Celtic Cup tournaments.

Age Groups –U7–U13 Players are expected to play in their specific age group. Exceptions are noted in the club rules but pertain to siblings within 1 year of each other, players of registered head and assistant coaches, existing teams transferring to Celtic and grandfathered in teams.