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Gotsoccer application with points awarded!

March 21/22 Celtic Cup cancelled, becasue of CororaVirus.
Refunds on the way!
We will reschedule upon approval and when it is safe to play.
We had an avelanche and surprise of late entries of great teams, boys and girls, participating.
Later this Summer when the virus subsides we'll produce it then.
Everything from pomp and ceremony, Celtic bagpipes and drums playing, grandeur in abundance, and  fantastiic mexican food at a low price was purposely invested and will again! 
99% of particppants from hither N yon, thread N thrum, were/are new to Celtic Cup; consequently, players and parents alike were in for a treat. We'll do it at a later date! 
"Only those who go too far can discover how far they can go" TS Elliott.
 37th Annual Celtic Cup 2020! 

No gate entry fee!

Please park at 400 E. 4th St.

Ontario 92762


 Short Side Div. {SS} 2012 thru 2008

2010  Div. will play 9v9

Deadline: 3/17/2020


Celtic Cup: NTL Cup & State Cup Prep.  

"Not in time, place or circumstance, but in the individual {you} lies success." James Joyce.


"March 21 & 22, 2020

2012 thru 2008 ONLY---Chaffey High School" 

See entry fees below

Boys & Girls





6 SS Chaffey fields {7v7} & 9v9} are immaculate and extra large.

EZups and 3 tier aluminum team benches provided.

School  lavatories provided."

50 flags flying for pomp, ceremony & atmosphere.

Finals Sunday PM

Teams not in playoffs: 7v7 & 9v9 scrimmages approved Sunday PM

after third {3rd}  match;  inquiries, arrangements at HQ.

@ $395,00 and no referee fee plus rental cost of the fields and expensive custom awards, everyone understands there is no profit motive. Celtic is producing and directing this fun SS tournament for no other reason than we have the resouces, the motivation and the where-with-all to do it; it's our pleasure.


2020 Fees:

   2012-2008 - $395

  No gate entry fee!


  • Balanced brackets 

Match Length :

  • 2012-2008, 3 match guarantee, 50 min.

Roster Size/Players on the pitch:

  • 2012--2010, 7v7, Roster of 14
  • 2009-2008, 9v9, Roster of 16
  • Important:  Visit R & R for details

 NTL Cup & St. Cup Prep. (U14-U19)


  • Sponsored by Captain U


  • REGISTER HERE for direct access for colleges to player rosters and profiles (free of charge to players)
  • Online brochure available to college coaches
  • College Coaches List

USSF Referee System 

  • Referee fees included in entry fee.


  • -----------------------------
  • Short Sides:
  • Chaffey High School, 
  •  400 W. 4th St. Ontario CA 91762.
  • 2012----2008 Div. only
  •  250 car parking lot at this addres  " FREE ENTRY"  5 minute walk to fields.
  • Fields mowed and professionally painted Friday; outsde lines painted both ways.
  • Golf cart provided for disabled & seniors

Check In

  • Saturday, 1.5 hours before first match. No Friday night check in.
  • Players check/in, on the pitch, 15 minutes prior to each match
  • Hotel reservations required for out of town teams.
  • Weather conditions: Hail, Rain, Wind or Snow---PLAY ON!;  it's "The Celtic Cup"
  • Visit "Legendary Celtic Cup History" on the website


  • Customized Celtic Cup conversation piece
  • trophy with historical references engraved.
  • Champion $350 custom trophy Wt: 7 Kilos  Size 12.5"x12.5"x18" (see image here)
  • Gatorade, first--aid provided. 
  • Customized medals with historical references
  • engraved for champions and finalists.
  • _________________________________
  • Director/Information:
  • Eddie Maxcy
  • {951} 201--0235
  • Email:
  • CelticCupDir@Gmail.com








Bag Tags & pins


T-Shirt for sale on site (Front and Back) 


"If you want to make an abysmal situation worse, call the police." Brendan Behan.