Celtic Cup Details & Registration

Gotsoccer application with points awarded!

 Clubs' entering "5 older teams only"  to Celtic Cup will receive
$50 dollars off each application. 

 37th Annual Celtic Cup 2020! 

Deadline 2/29/2020


Celtic Cup: NTL Cup & State Cup Prep.  

College coaches invited.

Celtic Cup recommends participating players mail letters in their own hand writing to at least {6} six different colleges inviting them  to watch.  Provide GPA, match times, field numbers--also high school. College coaches appreciate players who show interest;  rest assured it works!   There are hundreds of out-of-state  wonderful soccer colleges looking for players, male and female.

"Not in time, place or circumstance, but in the individual {you} lies success" James Joyce.


"March 7 & 8, 2020 

2007 thru 2001---SB Complex"

"March 21 & 22, 2020

2012 thru 2008---Chaffey High School"


Boys & Girls





"Short Side divisions at Chaffey High School.

6 SS Chaffey fields {7v7} & 9v9} are immaculate and extra large.

EZups and 3 tier aluminum team benches provided.

School  lavatories provided."

50 flags flying for pomp & ceremony, atmosphere.


2020 Fees:

  • March  2012-2008 - $450
  • March 2007-2001 - $650


  • Balanced brackets 
  • Flight 3 {Silver bracket} (if #s allow)

Match Length :

  • 2012-2008, 3 match guarantee, 50 min.
  • 2007-2001, 3 match guarantee, 70 min.

Roster Size/Players on the pitch:

  • 2012--2010, 7v7, Roster of 14
  • 2009-2008, 9v9, Roster of 16
  • 2007-2005, 11v11, Roster of 18
  • 2004-2001, 11v11, Roster of 22 (18 per match)
  • Important:  Visit R & R for details

 NTL Cup & St. Cup Prep. (U14-U19)


  • Sponsored by Captain U


  • REGISTER HERE for direct access for colleges to player rosters and profiles (free of charge to players)
  • Online brochure available to college coaches
  • College Coaches List

USSF Referee System 

  • Referee fees included in entry fee.


  • San Bernardino Soccer Complex, 
  • 2500 Pacific Street Highland, CA 92346. 
  • 2007 ---- 2001 Div. only.
  • Chaffey High School, 
  •  400 W. 4th St. Ontario CA 91762.
  • 2012----2008 Div. only
  •  Huge parking lot at this address--5 minute walk to fields.
  • Golf cart provided for disabled or seniors

Check In

  • Saturday, 1.5 hours before first match. No Friday night check in.
  • Players check/in 30 minutes prior to each match
  • Hotel reservations required for out of town teams.
  • Weather conditions: Hail, Rain or Snow---PLAY ON!


  • Customized Celtic Cup conversation piece
  • trophy with historical references engraved.
  • Champion $350 custom trophy Wt: 7 Kilos  Size 12.5"x12.5"x18" (see image here)
  • Gatorade, first--aid provided. 
  • Customized medals with historical references
  • engraved for champions and finalists.








Bag Tags & pins


T-Shirt for sale on site (Front and Back) 

San Bernardino Soccer Complex 

Olders - Boys and

Olders - Boys and Girls U14 - U19 - March 16/17

(Raindates: Youngers - January 19/20  Olders March 23/24)

Team Fees:

U9/U10 - $445.00

U11/U19 - $495.00

Location:  San Bernardino Soccer Complex

Celtic Cup

PO Box 700


Ontario, CA 91762

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