College List - Celtic Cup - March 2015


Use the link above to access the colleges that will be represented, in 1 form or another, at Celtic Cup this weekend. Remember, there are mutiple showcases this weekend so staffs are stretched thin. As a result assistant coaches, graduate assistants, players and alumni are often used to cover multiple locations. Forward the information to your players to use the email addresses to contact the school if you have players interested. Remind them to do a little research on the school, identify their graduation year, team, game schedule, position, GPA and SAT/ACT if they done. 

Captain U - College Recruiting Service - Celtic Cup

CaptainU will provide online profiles, player profile books for college coaches  and free access to their online software to help all attending athletes maximize their exposure at the upcoming event to college coaches.  Click on the links below to get setup for the event.

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 XXX Celtic Cup March 2015
Division Champion Finalist Result
Boys Under 14 - St. Patrick South Bay falcons Bakersfield Legacy 4:3
Boys Under 14 - Shamrock Coachella Valley Soccer B00 Santa Barbara SC BU14White 1:0
Girls Under 14 - St. Patrick Celtic Hoops DMCV Sharks Crawford 2:0
Girls Under 14 - Shamrock Murrieta Surf High Desert Premier RMS 2:1 PK
Boys Under 15 - St. Patrick Celtic Hibs Rebels BU15 Gold 3:1
Boys Under 15 - Shamrock Fontana Fc B99 San Diego Soccer Club 4:1
Girls Under 15 - St. Patrick Claremont Stars GU99 IUSC Manchester United White 1:0
Girls Under 15 - Shamrock Arsenal West (RFC Fire) Gomez G00 IE Surf G99 Kooiman 2:1 PK
Boys Under 16 - St. Patrick FC golden state 98 premier Valley United-Hernandez 2:0
Boys Under 16/17 - Shamrock CYSA AC Milan MGFM RIVERSIDE U17 2:0
Girls Under 16/17 - St. Patrick Celtic Hoops GU17 Celtic Academy GU16 1:0
Boys Under 17/19 - St. Patrick Las Vegas gunners Real So Cal BU18 1:0 PK
Girls Under 17/19 - St. Patrick Celtic Harps Xplosion SC G96 2:0
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Celtic Cup Details


  • Youngers - Boys and Girls U8-U14 - January 17/18  
  • Olders - Boys and Girls U14-19 - March 21/22


  • U8/U10 - $475.00
  • U11/U19 - $525.00


  • Balanced brackets
  • Bronze/Flight 3 only bracket (if numbers allow it)

Game Length - January

  • U8 - U10, 3 matches guaranteed, 50 min.
  • U/11 - U/14, 3 matches guaranteed, 60 min.

Game Length - March

  • U/14 - U/19, 3 matches guaranteed, 70 min.

March College Showcase (U14-U19)

  • Sponsored by Captain U
  • Direct access for colleges to player rosters and profiles (free of charge to players)
  • Online brochure available to college coaches

Tournament Rules - Tiebreakers, Etc. (CLICK HERE)

Ref System - Both Tournaments

  • All matches: U/8 to U/19 = 3 referees. Ref fees are included in your entry cost.


  • San Bernardino Soccer Complex 
  • 2500 Pacific Street Highland, CA 92346 

Check In

  • Saturday, 1 hour before first game. No Friday night check in.



  • Customized Celtic Cup conversation piece trophy with historical references engraved.
  • Own your own island (see the image above) Wt: 7 Kilos  Size 12.5"x12.5"x18"
  • Customized Medals with historical references engraved.


January Schedules

Click here for January Schedules

Olders - Boys and Girls U14 - U19 - March 16/17

(Raindates: Youngers - January 19/20  Olders March 23/24)

Team Fees:

U9/U10 - $445.00

U11/U19 - $495.00

Location:  San Bernardino Soccer Complex

 For information:

Tournament Director: Chris Van Duin or (909) 518-8851

Assistant: Melissa Pachon or (909)731-8991

Celtic Cup
PO Box 700
Ontario, CA 91762


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